Feed your sweetheart decadent chocolates from Kanda Chocolates. Pop a bottle a of your favorite champagne with a corkscrew from Noir Designed. Add some flair to your cocktail with luxe sugar cubes and edible flowers from Teaspressa. Give one another sensual massages with a massage oil candle from Chanvre Naturals. And that's only the beginning...


Gift Includes: Massage oil candle from Chanvre Naturals, Lavender & Green Tea Bath Salt from Butter Love by L.C., Lip Exfoliant from The Perfect Pucker, Coconut & Rum from Caribbrew, Body Butter from Body Crystals Co., Heel Balm and Foot Scrubber from Southern Hospitality, corkscrew from Noir Designed, Champagne Sugar Cubes from Teaspressa, Body Oil and Body Souffle' from Body Crystals Co.,  Dark or Milk Chocolate Minis from Kanda Chocolates, conversation cards from Convo and Chill, Pure Honey from Truth Honey, and a greeting card of your choice from one of our partners. 


Substitutions of the massage oil candle fragrance and lip exfoliant may be necessary to ensure your specialty gift is delivered in a timely manner and depending on availability.

Noire Deluxe -Sexy Couples Gift

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$192.50Sale Price