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Noire Singular, feminine form of the French word for ‘black.’

Boutique A business or establishment that is small and sophisticated.

Hi! Welcome to Noire Boutique. A few years ago, I was preparing my holiday gift list and searching for black-owned companies from which to buy. I quickly discovered that there were so many wonderful companies and products available! That year, I purchased everything from gift bags to playing cards to spices; all from black-owned companies. I created gift boxes containing those products and it made me think...what if I could find a way to curate gifts for every holiday and occasion? The vision for Noire Boutique was born and here we are!

​​Each product sold at Noire Boutique is thoughtfully selected.  We treat each product as if it were our creation and take pride in careful handling and packaging to ensure that the brands are represented in excellence.

Since launching, we have expanded the boutique to include the sale of individual items in addition to the gift collaborations. 

​​We want our Noire Boutique customers to become customers of the brands we include in their purchase. That’s why each order comes with a list of websites/contact information for every brand represented. Did you purchase the Pamper Him basket and fall in love with one of the products? Well, you’ll have the information to visit that company directly!



If you're purchasing a gift basket, we can deliver it directly to the recipient. Customers can select to have Noire Boutique fill out the greeting card. We make the experience elegant, personalized, and sophisticated.

"We don’t sell gift baskets. We curate thoughtful collaborations of black-owned products."  

Writing Letters

Thank you for visiting Noire Boutique. We're honored to serve you.

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